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SeptaSource is one of the only companies in the world that make their septa & well plate sealing mats starting from scratch. We buy silicone rubber bases and compound them into a variety of different formulas depending on a customer’s application. We then use our proprietary technology/process to bond PTFE film to the silicone creating a PTFE/Silicone septa.

We utilize state of the art cutting and inserting equipment to make and insert septa into a variety of plastic and metal caps.

Septa & Caps
We have 74 different diameter dies in stock to make septa ranging from 5mm to 43.5mm in diameter. We can make septa as thin as .002” (2 mils) or as thick as 4mm or .160”. We offer septa in the following constructions:

  • Silicone Only
  • PTFE/Silicone
  • PTFE/Silicone/PTFE
  • PTFE Only

Below are some of the most common caps used by our customers.

  • 8-425 PP open top screw caps
  • 9mm PP open top screw caps
  • 10-425 PP open top screw caps
  • 11mm Snap Caps
  • 13-425 PP open top screw caps
  • 15-425 PP open top screw caps
  • 24-414 PP open top screw caps
  • 8, 11 & 20mm aluminum crimp caps
  • 11 & 20mm magnetic crimp caps

96 & 384 Well Plate Sealing Mats
96 & 384 Well Plate sealing mats are made using a proprietary liquid silicone rubber that is injection molded to deliver a precision molded mat. We have our own machine shop on site that designs, builds and maintains all our molds. This significantly reduces lead time for a new mold and greatly reduces the cost of a new injection mold.

All of our silicone sealing mats can  be pre-slit, sprayed with a PTFE coating or have a film of PTFE laminated to the plugs for maximum chemical and DMSO resistance.

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