1 February

Welcome to SSP's Septa Blog

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Welcome to SSP's Septa Blog

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) is pleased to introduce a new on-line resource for members of the laboratory diagnostic, environmental testing, pharmaceutical, and chemical packaging industries. SSP’s Septa Blog is the place to learn about septa, septum cap assemblies, and cap mats for gas chromatography (GC), liquid chromatography (GC), and other applications that require analytical purity.     

The initial entries in this new blog will describe the differences between peroxide-cured and platinum-silicones, and the importance of using ultra-low bleed silicones to maintain analytical purity. Subsequent topics will include autosampler septa, GC septa, bonded caps, magnetic caps, EPA/VOA septa, cap mats, and resealable septa. 

We hope you’ll enjoy the information that we’ll share, and encourage you to contact SSP with questions, comments, and suggested topics for future blog entries.


Ultra-low bleed silicones for septa promote analytical purity and prevent ghost peaks on chromatographs. To avoid septum bleed, Specialty Silicone [...]

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