EasyPierce™ Septa

EasyPierce™ septa from Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) supports multiple piercings with a needle or a syringe. These resealable septa are easy to penetrate but remain leak-free after repeated punctures in applications such as laboratory diagnostics and chemical packaging. These elastomeric products also avoid fragmentation that can contaminate samples. 

SSP’s EasyPierce™ technology combines easy needle penetration with resealability and resistance to evaporation. Septa from other companies may promote analytical purity and limit evaporation, but at the expense of penetration. When resistance to piercing is high, needles can break. Strong resistance can also disrupt autosampler motors. SSP’s EasyPierce™ technology balances ease-of-penetration with other application requirements and is available in standard and ultra low bleed versions. 

SSP supplies resealable septa that meet these and other demanding requirements. The strong, soft silicones that we use are platinum-cured for ultra-low bled. We also use the highest-quality PTFE liners to meet application-specific requirements, including color. Cleaner materials provide better barrier properties for chemicals and compounds, especially during long-term storage. 

Some septa manufacturers describe their septa as self-sealing, but the term “self-sealing septa” must meet very specific requirements. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) has defined guidelines, test methods, and material properties. For example, self-sealing septa must be made of elastomeric materials that are FDA white listed and USP Class VI approved.   

SSP is meeting demand for lined, resealable closures that can support both end-user and bulk packaging applications. To learn more about the custom septa we can provide for chemical packaging and laboratory diagnostics, contact us. 


  • Custom septa available
  • Can be conditioned for ultra-low bleed
  • Soft, strong, premium silicone


  • Reduced handling, less contamination
  • No interfering peaks with Ultra Low Bleed septa
  • Easy needle penetration, resealable
  • Easy to control and identify inventory


Ultra-low bleed silicones for septa promote analytical purity and prevent ghost peaks on chromatographs. To avoid septum bleed, Specialty Silicone [...]

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Custom Septa

SeptaSource.com has one of the largest ranges of dies, molds, caps and silicone formulations to create just about any septa or septa/cap combination imaginable. Use the simple Custom Septa Selector and send your request to us and we will get back to you.